Radhey Shyam Chaurasia
2005 |
Middle East

The History Of Middle East Is An Attempt To Make An In-Depth Study Of The Subject, Beginning From The Evolution Of Human Civilization To The Present Decade, And To Highlight The Past Glory And Splendour Of Egypt And Mesopotamia, The Origin And Development Of Christianity, Judaism And Islam In This Sacred Place. The Book Extensively Deals With The Split Of Middle East Into Several Countries Like Israel, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Etc. After The First World War. History Of All These Countries Uptil 2004 Has Been Provided In Detail With The Main Emphasis On The Recent Wars Like The Arab-Israel Wars, Attack On Kuwait By The Iraqi Forces Under Saddam Hussain, And The Anglo-American Allied Forces Attacks On Iraq To Liberate It From The Tyranny Of Sadam Hussain. In Addition, The Present Unstable Condition Of Iraq, The Alarming Terrorists Attacks In Iraq, The Ceaseless Efforts Of U.N.O. In Establishing Peace And Democracy In The Region, And The World Pressure On Israel To Give Palestine To Arabs, Are Few Other Major Areas Of The Present Study.The Book, Being Remarkably Informative Of Both The Past And Current Events In The Historical, Political And International Arena, Would Be A Good Addition To One S Collection Of Books. It Is Particularly Recommended To The Scholars Of History And Political Science For Its Comparative And Analytical Approach To The Latest Developments In The Middle East.

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History of Middle East