Ryan Uytdewilligen
2020 |
Lethbridge (Alta.)

"A late nineteenth-century miners' camp called Coal Banks could have been nothing mor ethan a came-and-went map dot--fanishing once all resources had been stripped. Instead, the history of a determined community that triumphed over obstacles and hardships unfolded to transform the city into what it is today. Through two crippling World Wars, the crime-riddled era of prohibition, the Great Depression, and many challenging moments in time, Lethbridge peaked and valleyed over the last century--creating a unique and underappreciated prairie story along the way. And while Lethbridge may not be as glamourous or as celebrated as other locations in this world, a lack of notoriety does not make its background any less interesting or valuable. From American outlaws searching for lawless land for the whiskey trade to farmers, miners, investors, educators, art enthusiasts, and business owners looking to bring new opportunities to the region; The History of Lethbridge details the people who shaped thecity and the background behind iconic streets and structures that have appeared as a result over the past 150 years."--Back cover.

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The History of Lethbridge