Laura Wolf

Fame, Fortune and a Spiderweb of Contracts. Celebrity influencer Lila Daniels is living the dream. A successful blog, countless sponsors, a wardrobe worth more than most people's houses... and an unwanted fiancé to spoil the lot. Can runaway Lila get the time she needs to figure out how to escape her web of contracts as well as her impending wedding? Beaver Creek seems like the perfect place to lay low for a while, but there's more to this unassuming little town than meets the eye. When Bear and Lila stumble into each other they have no idea they're about to fall head-over-heels in love... but are they in for more than they can handle? Or could they both get what they really want for Christmas? Previously published as a novella under the title 'Blitzen on Ice', Her Runaway Celebrity Christmas is a sweet holiday romance set in Small Town Colorado with a guaranteed Happily Ever After, and favourite tropes including runaway bride, BFFs, small town handyman, and twin flames with a twist.

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Her Runaway Celebrity Christmas

A Sweet Small Town Holiday Romance