Troy Henderson

A coming of age novel. Manny never asked to be different, to have a power that could bring the dead back to life. But when he resurrected his dead goldfish as a child, he knew he was cursed with an inexplicable power.Now, decades later, he's working in a Brisbane hospital, surrounded by a cast of oddball characters who make his ordinary life feel anything but. His doomsday-prepping aunt, his unravelling housemate, and his new animal-activist girlfriend who's immune to pain quickly complicate his life. But things take a sinister turn when a nefarious individual starts hunting him down, determined to uncover his secrets.In Head Grenade, Troy Henderson delivers a raw and twisted journey, full of dark humour, twisted characters, and a healthy dose of the surreal. A vivid and explosive tale of one man's journey to find meaning and redemption in a world that seems determined to break him. Buckle up readers, this is one ride that will leave you laughing and reeling long after you turn the last page.

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Head Grenade