Digital Fiction, Terry Madden

In two worlds, two salamanders lap at the blood of two kings. The sacrifice has been made, the well opens, and the stone that entombs the severed head of the Crooked One falls to dust. He has come to build a kingdom of the Sunless, to banish death and consume the living. Lyleth and Dish pursue their missing daughter deep into the buried fortress of Caer Sidi, the realm of the enslaved souls of the sacrificed and their lord, Tiernmas, the Crooked One. They soon discover that the only one who can kill the immortal god-king is the blood scribe who shaped him. Terry's stories immerse the reader in rich worlds peopled by complex characters that stay with you. - David Farland, author of the bestselling series, Runelords I love it! Very strong creation of another world--realistic and full of life, mystery and threat. - Rikasworld Great characters and action! Truly impressive world building with a sense of historical authenticity. - John Harten author of Island Grab your copy today! Free with Kindle Unlimited. Thank you for your interest in our book. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed presenting it. - Digital Fiction Website: Facebook: Twitter: @DigitalFicPub Bookfinder Tags: Sword and Sorcery Druid Magic Celtic Mythology Mythic Fantasy Blood Magic Dark Fantasy Portal Fantasy King Arthur's Labyrinth Dragons Heroic Fantasy

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Halls of the Sunless