Krista Wallace
2022 |

The sugar leapt up and twisted itself until it formed a castle with turrets as perky as meerkats... Griffin's rock band is about to have their big break. But when her lead guitarist and soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend throws a drug- and alcohol-induced El Screamo Thrasher Solo Temper Tantrum, he gets the band kicked out of the gig. She is devastated, and minus a lead guitarist. Enter the mysterious Rickenbacker, a restaurant manager with a tempting offer: if Griffin works in his restaurant making desserts, she can play in the house band, the Spurious Correlations, alongside Matteo: a super-talented lead guitarist. What Griffin doesn't know is Rickenbacker is a competitor in an Other Worldly Live Action Role Playing tournament. In order to win the championship, he has just two weeks to push her to the limit with dessert-making mayhem, enough to drive her to perform an unthinkable task, all without letting her suspect she's a pawn in his scheme. Griffin is yanked unwittingly into a frenzied fantastical world of music, magic and baking. She gets to make music with Matteo, the most perfect guy she has ever met, and she has never played with such a terrific band. It seems too good to be true! But making desserts for Rickenbacker is a nightmare. Is Matteo worth it? Well, he is awfully dreamy . . .

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Griffin and the Spurious Correlations