R. Richard Everett
2021 |

In this insightful book, now in its third edition, you will discover several investment strategies and techniques designed to teach you how to invest wisely for long-term financial success. With wit and humor, Richard Everett presents the basic toolkit and knowledge you need to become a great investor. Colored with biblical wisdom and direct financial advice from God's Word, Everett's honest, straightforward, and often humorous anecdotes clearly guide you in making God-honoring decisions with your wealth. RICHARD EVERETT has worked in the financial arena for over 35 years. Named Financial Planner of the Year, Richard has taught financial courses to thousands of people via his radio and television shows, his books and in person. Richard is also an internationally known speaker. He has presented biblical-based financial principles in churches, conferences, Bible colleges and universities, including The Yale University School of Management Believers in Business Conference. Topics include: Stocks and the Stock Market, Bonds, Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Annuities, Portfolio building, and more! Richard was named Financial Planner of the Year in 1996 by First Financial Planners.

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