Carmen Horne

What if the unexpected delays and detours in your life are not random? When our path is full of potholes, wrong turns, and recalculations, we wonder if God's good plan for our lives is a lost destination. Too often, we become disillusioned and discouraged at God's silence, doubting if he really cares. In reality, our lives are a well-planned journey, and the detours and roadblocks are divine directions and recalculations. With Carmen Horne as your guide and Grace Maps as your guidebook, you will better understand how connecting your past journey with your present course reveals God's consistent presence along your life's path. Using thought-provoking questions, biblical examples, and personal stories, your Hope Coach guides you to a radically refreshing understanding: that nothing God allows in your life is coincidental.Grace Maps will help you:Discover how detours and delays were really divine directions.Create a visual reminder of God's grace and mercy through the years.Leave a treasured testimony for future generations. Release past hurts and better process how God uses our circumstances for His glory and our good.Whether you speed along on your Grace Maps journey or casually meander the path, signposts found during each stop will make your trek come alive with an appreciation of God's providence and provision for His children.

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Grace Maps

Our Journey Guided by God's Grace