Katherine Grant
2022 |

One bored governess, one handsome doctor, and unlimited unchaperoned nighttime activities. What could possibly go wrong? Sophia Preston wants adventure, excitement, and self-determination. She hired herself out as a governess to gain independence, and now she has it at Robin Abbey: every day, she gets to mind the Cosgrove children, eat the Cosgrove’s food, and live by Cosgrove’s rules. When John Anderson arrives as accoucheur ahead of Lady Widlake’s next baby, Sophia immediately sees the potential for excitement. Who wouldn’t want to seduce the handsome young doctor who is guaranteed to move on once Lady Widlake’s baby is born? John doesn’t mind flirting with the intriguing governess - as long as they aren’t caught. He has goals, and they don’t include ruining his reputation. Still, he must admit that Miss Preston is everything he ever wanted in a woman: smart, beautiful, unlike anyone else he has ever met… When counterfeit bank notes surface in town, the authorities suspect someone at Robin Abbey is the criminal. Suddenly, both Sophia and John are put under the microscope. They have no choice but to band together to find the true culprit. The only question is: will they find true love, too? Read this book if you love: governess romance, beta heroes, cinnamon roll heroes, strong heroines, strong female main characters, romances set in England, feminist romances, feminist historical romances, historical romances, doctor hero, bluestocking, non-titled heroes, regency romance hero has no title, working class historical romance, class differences historical romance, interracial romance, interracial regency romance, interracial historical romance, opposites attract, opposites attract historical romance, demisexual romance, steamy historical romance, historical romance with mystery, gothic historical romance, gothic regency romance, mystery regency romance, regency romance at a country house

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The Governess Without Guilt