Eleanor Barz
1993 |

What happens when Mars and Venus are in love? How does Jupiter defend himself against Saturn, his difficult father? To whom does Mercury hurry with his cap of invisibility and his winged shoes? Drawing on the psychology of C. G. Jung, Ellynor Barz looks into the foundations of astrology by recounting the myths of the planetary gods. Engaging and amusing her presentation also offers new and surprising insights for both psychology and astrology. When we understand the peculiarities and characteristics of the ancient gods symbolically as possibilities in our own human psyches - projected in astrology onto the big screen of the night sky - we discover a realm of ancient human wisdom that may exceed in subtlety most psychological models explaining the human psyche. Drawing on and actualizing the many unique possibilities inherent within - as described by the horoscope - is a life-long task. All persons have the same fundamental capabilities for experience which we rediscover in these astrological symbols. But the interplay of these essential forces arises in each individual in an entirely unique manner, corresponding to the natal horoscope. This book addresses first the astrological layperson. But it also suggests a point of view seldom considered by the astrologer. And for the interested psychologist, a domain of knowledge and experience is revealed a wealth of material that is more deeply related to psychology than one might expect.

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