Annette Ford
2023 |

Whether your life is stormy with painful circumstances, drizzly with stresses and anxieties, or sunny with a sense that God is in control, The Gift of Tears invites you to experience God’s peace and presence in deeper ways. Tears are a gift. Though we long for the constant sunshine of happiness and the comfort of a stress-free life, we need the nourishing, refreshing teardrops of life lessons. Without tears, the garden of our heart becomes parched and barren. Thus, God offers us the gift of tears. In this ten-week devotional, you will journey through life stories of learning to trust God in difficult circumstances, parables from times of listening prayer, insights from contemplating God’s word, and prayer activities that inspire personal prayer and reflection. The Gift of Tears encourages you to experience tears as a blessing, not a burden, and even in life’s storms to thank God for the tears.

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The Gift of Tears

A 10-Week Devotional Journey