Krista Wallace
2021 |

She plunged her blade into his chest, feeling it grind along his ribs... Outcast swordfighter, Kyer Halidan, walked out of a cornfield at age three. Twenty years later, she sets out to discover who left her there. And why. When she kills a man in a duel, she catches the interest of Valrayker, one of her greatest heroes, who invites her to join his company on a mission to save a village. But the man she killed had powerful friends, and when they find out she's working for Valrayker they believe she killed him under Val's orders. Desperate to learn what she knows about their plans, her new enemies pursue her relentlessly. When she is freed from a dire situation by an unknown magic, her friends grow suspicious, and her enemies have an all-new reason to want her dead. Her disregard for orders incites mistrust within the company. But to rescue a village, and the continent, from a despicable evil, she must choose between adhering to duty and breaking the rules. As for her identity, Valrayker has a theory about who she is, but he's not ready to share it with her, yet. Gatekeeper's Key is what happens when you drop Katniss Everdeen into Lord of the Rings. "Gatekeeper's Key is a dark and luscious truffle everyone will want to savor and beg for more when it's done." ~ Diana Pharaoh Francis - USA Today Bestselling Author of the Path trilogy and the Crosspointe Chronicles.

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Gatekeeper's Key