K.T. Raine

Once you've been betrayed, trusting again is the scariest gamble of all. Becca Pierson takes her vows seriously. So even when her husband's secret gambling addiction shakes her world, she soldiers on, sure they can work things out. But reality soon proves otherwise, and she decides she must put their 10-year-old son David first and file for divorce. When a loan shark barges into her apartment and demands the little cash she has left, she takes David and flees 400 miles across Montana to the only place that will shelter them--Ragin' Moon Refuge. Tony Lascari's family owns Ragin' Moon, and he has seen many a broken woman pass through. He's never been tempted, for he knows the baggage they carry. Life is so much easier when you only have to consider yourself. But when he picks up Becca from the bus depot, he's immediately drawn to the frightened young mother who brings out his instincts to protect. But with Becca's future so uncertain, he knows their relationship must stay platonic. Becca also feels the attraction, but needs to focus on protecting her son, which may entail fleeing again. There's simply too much at stake to be distracted by Tony's charm and rugged good looks. No matter how kind he is. No matter how safe he makes her feel. Will she risk a second chance at love with Tony? Or will lingering regrets and apprehensions about the future forever bind her to the present? A clean, small town, romantic suspense set in western Montana.

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A Gamble of the Heart