Alexa Rivers

She's trusted the wrong man too many times. But when she starts a fling with her best friend's playboy brother, she knows exactly what she's getting into...right? Sophie Delaware has chronically bad taste in men. After another disastrous relationship implodes, she's ready to give up on love. What she needs is a little fun, with no strings attached, and she knows the perfect guy for the job. Cooper hasn't had a serious relationship since he returned from military service. He wears his serial dater persona like a cloak and doesn't speak of the nightmares that plague him. When Sophie proposes two weeks of unadulterated pleasure, he knows he shouldn't agree, but his little sister's best friend grew up to be more tempting than he expected. Before Sophie knows it, Cooper has taken it upon himself to be her one-man support system. He was supposed to be a fling, but there's more to the dreamy veteran than meets the eye, and now she's at risk of losing her heart. When it comes time for their affair to end, will she be brave enough to put everything on the line, or will her past get in the way of happily ever after?

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From Now Until Forever