Terry Boothman

A man is whisked back in time by his coffee maker—only to face some of history’s most appalling villains. A mysterious magician who never speaks creates illusions that are beyond the realm of possibility. A comedian does a standup set as, in the outside world, civilization crumbles. A government decrees that every able-bodied adult must join a campaign of fornication on a national scale. A man discovers a mysterious book that profoundly changes his life. Scientists impart history’s most advanced intellect to a newborn child. Detective Logan Granger takes on a murder case with implications more dire than he could imagine. The moon falls and lands on Wilson’s house. After a night of passion, a woman discovers a terrible secret about her lover. Doctors enter a man’s alimentary canal and find the answers to questions that mankind has not even asked … These are a few of the 60 pieces introduced in Fragments. Described by the author as a “literary smorgasbord,” the volume includes fables, fantasy—both literary and traditional, light science fiction, phantasms, prose poems, flash fiction, comic spoofs, and writings that seem to create their own category. Penned over a 30-year period, Fragments seeks audiences young and old, conventional and contemporary, serious and capricious. You will be entertained, perturbed and inspired. “Terry Boothman's fiction defies classification. It's witty and weird, smart and strange, the outpouring of a brilliantly twisted mind.” —Thom Metzger, author of The Birth of Heroin, Blood and Volts, Undercover Mormon, Meet Me in the Strange “Boothman’s work runs the gamut from poetic to contemplative to surreal, fueled by a wild imagination and starkly original sense of humor. Something for everyone who enjoys things unique and unexpected.” —Jay Cutts, author of Death by Haggis, Annie Gomez and the Gigantic Foot of Doom "Boothman is witty, wacky, whimsical, and wise—sometimes by turns, and sometimes all at once. You’ll savor this bountiful buffet—there’s something for EVERY taste--by a versatile and natural storyteller." —Molly Giles, former feature writer, Messenger Post News

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Fragments of a Mind

Fables, Fantasies and Fictionettes