Laura L. Morgan

The action-packed story of "The Adventures of Rogan Chaffey" continues the series as fall and winter arrive at the small community located on an island in southeast Alaska where Rogan Chaffey and his family live. Rogan and his best friend, Runt, continue their adventures at deer hunting camp, on a wintry hike up Salty Shallows Trail that has an unwelcome surprise waiting for them, and by having fun pulling pranks on a school campout. They navigate their way through the much-anticipated Survival School where Martin Wolfe, a bullied outcast, causes problems. Martin selfishly puts himself and others in danger. It is here they discover Skeleton Cove and its secrets. Life in remote Alaska has its challenges and when a member of Rogan's family is seriously injured, the teen struggles to deal with the outcome. As if this incident wasn't enough, Rogan also wrestles with the feeling that God hasn't forgiven him for something terrible he's done. At the same time, the Chaffey's hermit-like neighbor, Crazy Hoffman, must deal with the unforgiving hearts of some of the townsfolk. Everything culminates with a disappearance, a search, and a return to Skeleton Cove.

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Forgiveness at Skeleton Cove

The Adventures of Rogan Chaffey Book #2