Tony Flood

George Thornhill returns home early for his fashion model wife Isabella's 32nd birthday and finds her lying on the lounge floor, wearing only the kimono he had given her, dying from a stab wound. His attempts to save her cause him to be covered in her blood and leave his fingerprints on the murder weapon. This results in him being convicted of murder. That is the dramatic start to Tony Flood's ingenious thriller Fall Guy in which George's devastated sister Myra persuades DCI Harvey Livermore to reopen the case after discovering that a neighbour saw someone leave the crime scene by the back door. It is the third murder mystery featuring the under pressure sleuth, and, as best-selling crime writer Peter James says “Tony Flood's shrewd copper Livermore continues to unravel baffling murder cases”. Livermore, having recently returned to work after undergoing a cancer operation, follows up on Myra's suspicions about Isabella's womanising and fraudulent brother-in-law Brandon Cunnington and a stalker who had plagued the former model. Other suspects also come to light as Livermore's Major Crime Team dig deeper. Among them are male admirers and jealous women, including a former work colleague of Isabella's who sent her abusive messages on Facebook. It makes for a riveting story, full of twists and turns, with tension, appropriate sex and sharp, often witty, dialogue, which has brought glowing endorsements from other authors. Here's what they had to say: Tony Flood keeps us guessing until a stunning final twist. Excellent characters in a gripping, fast-paced, authentic whodunit. - GRAHAM BARTLETT, former police Chief Superintendent and author of crime thriller Bad for Good. A fast-paced thriller that will keep you turning the pages right up to the final, shocking twist. Packed full of sharp dialogue and memorable characters, this is a great read - SHEILA BUGLER, author of the acclaimed Dee Doran crime series. Tony Flood has created one of the best modern day fictional cops in Harvey Livermore. The astute DCI listens to others and acts decisively - as he does when a distraught Myra Thornhill insists new evidence suggests her brother George was wrongly convicted for the murder of his wife. Fall Guy is a captivating read by one of my favourite authors – JEANNETTE HENSBY, True Crime writer. Tony Flood's ingenious story keeps us on the edge of our seats throughout as the tension increases. Join George's shattering ride while his sister tries to convince everyone of his innocence. - JOHN NEWTON, author, broadcaster and former police officer. Fall Guy is an ideal crime thriller for fans of Peter James, James Patterson and Michael Connelly. Excellent plot and characters, with touches of humour relieving the tension. - FRANCIS WAIT, author of Android Affair.

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Fall Guy

who really killed his wife?