Kathleen Brooks
2023 |

Stone Townsend is the center for the pro-hockey team in Charleston. There are just a few things he’s concerned with: bringing his large family together again, leading his new team to a championship, and doing a lot of scoring–on and off the ice. Which is why it was the worst time to get an injury under new team management and a new coach. Natalie Novak owns a new sports academy that trains and rehabilitates athletes. She’s also a former prima ballerina and daughter of Charleston’s new hockey coach, though no one knows it. But there was a lot more going on behind her pretty costumes and flawless leaps, including being thrown into the spy world when she was dancing in London. She thought it would be simple enough to leap back out, but her past is about to find her. All Stone cared about was getting back into skating shape for the tournament. But when the paradox of Natalie gets his attention, he realizes there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye–including someone who wants to kill her. With his heart and career in Natalie’s hands, he vows to protect her with his life. Keywords: Shadows Landing, South Carolina, Romantic Suspense, Comedy, Sports, Action

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Shadows Landing: The Townsends #1