Sheryl Lee Ralph
2023 |
Biography & Autobiography

Emmy, Tony and Spirit Award-winning actress, Sheryl Lee Ralph, knows a thing or two about staying power in the capricious world of Hollywood. A seasoned professional who has taken the best lessons learned and used them to move her stellar career forward, she now shares them with you. If you are an aspiring DIVA in training, regardless of your career choice, much of what she says in DIVA 2.0, you’ll find invaluable. These 12 lessons could help elevate your journey to greater heights. You’ll get to go behind the scenes of stage, screen, and media to discover what a true Diva must know?and the first step is, respecting themselves. In these personal tales and recollections, Sheryl reveals the ups and downs of stardom, the heartbreaks and triumphs, the strength she found in her family and the kind of love that gives wings. Whether starring on the big screen with Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, Robert De Niro, Jon Voight, or Whoopi Goldberg or on the small screen in Moesha; Ray Donovan, Motherland: Fort Salem, or in Abbott Elementary?Sheryl Lee Ralph can be counted on to bring her D.I.V.A?Divinely Inspired, Victoriously Awesome self to every project. And those DIVA inspired qualities have earned her the respect of her peer’s and recognition from legions of fans. In DIVA 2.0 Sheryl Lee Ralph uses her life story to empower and encourage anyone seeking to find and live their best life with beauty, dignity and a grace that radiates from within.

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Diva 2.0 12 Life Lesson From Me For You!