Saskia Noort
2007 |
Suspense fiction

Fans of Nicci French are in for a treat with The Dinner Club, the latest from the best-selling female Dutch crime writer of all time, Saskia Noort. On a cold winter's night, in a sleepy town outside Amsterdam, an elegant villa goes up in flames. Evert Struyck, happily married father of two, dies in the blaze. His wife, Babette, escapes with the children. Babette is a member of the Dinner Club, a group of women whose husbands all do business together. The Dinner Club are a happy and attractive group of young professional women, living a good life and enjoying their families and their friendships... Or are they? Karen, the most recent arrival in the Dinner Club, soon discovers that friendships within it are not as unconditional as they seem. And it becomes apparent that some people have benefited greatly from Evert's death... A hugely enjoyable psychological thriller, The Dinner Club is about families who want to keep up the outward appearances of perfection, and about those who will try to defend their success and happiness at all costs.

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The Dinner Club