Lars Walker

In the near future, suicide is a constitutional right. Tom Galloway is just an ordinary single parent, trying to keep his rebellious and depressed teenage daughter from going to the Happy Endings Clinic. If there's one thing he doesn't need, it's a tenth century Viking time traveler dropping into his world. But Tom is about to begin the adventure of his life, one that will change the whole world. "'Death's Doors' is my new favorite of Lars Walker novels.... Although there are a lot of big ideas in this book and a lot of rich theologizing, 'Death’s Doors' is just fun to read. It’s suspenseful, exciting, and wildly imaginative, both in the author’s story telling and in the way it stimulates the reader’s imagination. And I’m realizing that all good novels–including Christian novels, classics, and other works that are Good for You–need to have those qualities. And this one does. (Dr. Gene Edward Veith, author of 'Postmodern Times,' 'God at Work,' and other books.)

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Death's Doors