Mary L. Hamilton

Kit Squires never imagined her husband capable of murder. Did her ultimatum drive him to it?A year after losing his job as a local radio host, Jeff stubbornly clings to the hope of being re-hired and refuses to take any other job. But Kit can't support the family alone on what she makes as a physical therapist. And their bank account is streaking toward the red, much like her respect for Jeff. Desperate, Kit demands that he get a job or move out.Then gunshots blast across the airwaves of Jeff's former show. And in the dead air that follows, Kit recognizes his voice in some troubling last words. Torn between believing the overwhelming evidence against Jeff or trusting the character of the man she thought she knew, Kit's choice puts her at odds with their son, Bryce. One of them has to be wrong?which means the killer might still be out there.

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Dead Air

A Waco Mystery