Zena Everett

UK BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS WINNER 2022 How we spend our time is one of the greatest indicators of how successful we will be. We achieve our goals when we ruthlessly prioritise tasks and people that are important to us. If we focus our time, energy and attention on the wrong things we will never achieve the success or happiness that we aspire to. The problem is that these wrong things,the low value,low impact tasks that distract us from our priorities,are hard to ignore. They scream out at us all day: digital distractions,other people's urgent demand for 'five minutes' that's never five minutes,the meetings that you shouldn't be in,the pointless email chains, the reports you write that don't get read. We get a dopamine hit from ticking these tasks off a list. It's got us hooked on crazy busyness. But all we are doing is scratching off a layer of fake work on top of the real, valuable work. The Crazy Busy Cure is full of intensely practical tips to save people from this addiction and instead become productive again. Jammed with practical productivity solutions to use immediately, the book introduces concepts such as being like lions and chasing antelopes not field mice; Lawn Mower Managers who clear the path not clog it; the PIMP process for prioritisation and the Head Space model for understanding where your time goes. In this lively read,executive coach and organisational psychologist Zena Everett draws from her many thousands of hours and coaching and speaking to people and organisations about productivity blockers and how to shift them. She advises how to manage other people's work as well as your own and explains how these practices apply to virtual working, including chapters on staying energised and productive when working remotely and influencing on Zoom. The chapter on neurodiversity also offers productivity hacks for people with learning and thinking differences like dyspraxia and attention deficit disorder. Read this book and regain your productivity.

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The Crazy Busy Cure

A Productivity Book for People with No Time for Productivity Books