Katherine Grant
2024 |

Is their marriage strong enough to weather this storm? Ever since their wedding day, Ellen Preston and Max Hainsworth have happily ignored the fact that one day they would become the Earl and Countess Meretta. When Max inherits his title, their life is upended - and a storm begins to brew. Returning from a long parliamentary season in London, Max discovers that things are not going well for Ellen at their new home of Montchampion Manor. His mother is critical of the new countess, the carpenters don’t want Ellen in the workshop, and everyone is upset that Ellen and Max want to ban imports of tea and cotton. Worst of all, Ellen seems to have lost her faith in Max. Ellen is doing her best to adjust to her new life, but the house is too big, the servants are too suspicious, and Max is too distant. When nasty rumors make her question everything she believes in, she and Max must find a way to unite again - or risk forever being torn apart. You’ll enjoy this story if you have previously read The Viscount Without Virtue. Happily-ever-after guaranteed!

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The Countess Without Conviction