Odie Hawkins
2021 |

Beginning with the title – “Conversations with Likka Sto’ Rufus”. Rufus is a complex African-American character. It would not be accurate to call him “Liquor Store Rufus”, because the cultural nuances would be muted. “Likka Sto’ Rufus”, at seventy something, is beautifully mellow and snarky, combined with all of the rip-roaring spices that go to make a fully developed life. Willie West, the writer, takes us deeply into a character profile that is unusual, filled with delightful twists and turns. How often do we read about the life of someone who was a “tunnel rat” in Vietnam? It’s here in “Conversations with Likka Sto’ Rufus” along with some additional surprises to whet your imagination and spark an interest in traveling outside of your comfort zone.

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Conversations with Likka Sto' Rufus