Migene González-Wippler
1988 |
Body, Mind & Spirit

Theory -- What Is Magic? -- The Evolution of Magic -- The Gods -- The Elements of Magic -- Initiation and Adepthood -- Types of Magic: White versus Black -- Techniques of Magic -- The Four Elements -- The Kabbalah and Its Magical Correspondences -- The Astral Plane -- Ceremonial Magic -- The Sacred and the Profane Books of Magic -- Talismanic Magic -- The Spirit of Sacrifice -- Possession and Exorcism -- Prophets and Magicians -- Witchcraft and Demonology -- Divination -- Practice -- Rituals and Spells -- Fertility Rituals -- Weather Control -- The Rites for Power: Pagans, Witches, Satanists -- The Rites of the Persians and Babylonians -- The Rites of the Egyptians -- The Rites of the Jews -- The Rites of the Arabs -- The Rites of the Greeks and Romans -- The Rites of India -- The Rites of China and Japan -- The Rites of Africa -- The Rites of Australia -- The Rites of Europe -- The Rites of Haiti and Latin America -- The Rites of Mexico and North America -- Magical Spells -- Spells for Love -- Spells for Wealth and Success -- Spells to Overcome Enemies -- Spells for Health and Protection.

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The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies, and Magic