Laura Wolf

How do you cope when no one sees past your wallet?As a billionaire heir to the family fortune, Parker Price has everything a guy could want. But running a ready made company he barely understands, and women treating him like he's a prime cut on the meat market is not his idea of perfect. Fed up with fake relationships, Parker decides it might be easier to find real friends if he chooses anonymity. Seeking a breather, he enrolls in a mid-tier out of state college, where he'll just be another face in the crowd.Estranged from her distant step-mother, Ella has to work hard to support herself and afford an education. Boyfriends are a distraction she can't afford in her quest for financial independence. Her friends, however, she would do anything for. It's a matter of priorities, she tells herself. Besides, would it be so terrible to end up a spinster with multiple cats? Cats are nice.When they meet on their first day of college their first impressions of each other are less than ideal, but through a series of quirky mishaps and miscommunications, these two soul seekers might just find their answers together - but only if Parker can get past his own prejudices, Ella can widen her tunnel vision and they don't fall victim to sabotage from some of Parker's more determined suitors!

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A Cinderella for the Undercover Billionaire

A Clean Contemporary Romance