Jacqueline Diamond
2024 |

Awakening magical powers? Yes! Solving a murder, sure. But turning into a cat? Who, me? On the weirdest day of my life, my cat starts talking, my car kidnaps me to a charming hidden village, and I inherit a mystical library. Plus, I discover I have superpowers! As an orphan who grew up in foster care, I had no idea I came from an enchanted land full of furry shapeshifters, including-surprise!-me. Or that I had a gifted grandmother, who's been murdered. Now it's up to me, with the help of a handsome, otherworldly detective and my know-it-all cat, to uncover the truth... if someone doesn't kill me first. "Master storyteller Jacqueline Diamond draws you in to this magical feline mystery, enchanting you page after page. You'll fall in love with Chess Vevoda, and the wild world she's stumbled into!"--National Book Award winner.Neal Shusterman.

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A Cat's Garden of Secrets