Robin Landa
2023 |
Business & Economics

No matter your field of interest, A Career is a Promise offers a proven framework for finding purpose, fulfillment, and success. Robin Landa, one of the world's leading experts on creativity and idea generation, reveals practical strategies that will help you identify a career worthy of your intelligence, aptitudes, and time. Much more than a how-to guide, the roadmaps, prompts, inner directed questions, and self-assessment tools will help you discover what most excites you professionally, how to set worthwhile career goals, find purpose in your career, achieve success, lead with compassion, find fulfillment, secure mentors and sponsors, and enhance your creative thinking to best compete in a global marketplace. Most of us don’t spend adequate time thinking about what ignites our souls and makes careers roar–well enough to forge a fruitful and satisfying career path. When you spend more than one third of your life working, your career should hold promise. A career is a promise you make to yourself.

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A Career Is a Promise

Finding Purpose, Success, and Fulfillment