Nonprofit Quarterly
2023 |
Business & Economics

Learn to create a nonprofit organization and society in which Black people can thrive In Building A Pro-Black World: A Guide To Creating True Equity in The Workplace and In Life, a team of dedicated nonprofit leaders delivers a timely roadmap to building pro-Black nonprofit organizations. Refreshingly moving the conversation beyond stale DEI cliches, editors Cyndi Suarez and the NPQ staff have included works from leading racial justice voices that show you how to create an environment—and society—in which Black people can thrive. You’ll also learn how building such a world will benefit all of society, from the most marginalized to the least. The book explains how to shift from simply critiquing white supremacist culture and calling out anti-Blackness to actively designing for pro-Blackness. It offers you: Incisive and engaging work from leading voices in racial justice, Cyndi Suarez, Dax-Devlon Ross, Liz Derias, Kad Smith, and Isabelle Moses Explorations of topics ranging from restorative leadership strategies for staff wellbeing to Black politics and policymaking Discussions of new language for pro-Black social change, racial equity in healthcare and health communications, and antiracist succession planning A can’t-miss resource for civil society and nonprofit leaders, including directors, executives, grant makers, philanthropic donors, and social movement leaders, Building Pro-Black World will also benefit communicators, organizers, and consultants who work with nonprofit organizations.

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Building A Pro-Black World

Moving Beyond DE&I Work and Creating Spaces for Black People to Thrive