A R Davis

Each individual travels through life pushed or pulled by forces beyond their understanding: destiny, free will, emotion, reason, chance. The Breeze, the Walker, and the Treeborn are three sentient creatures out of the thousands of billions trapped inside the Cluster. Tweechytweechy Kok, the mysterian, is a Breeze searching for a lost starcruiser named the Profit. Xiaolooria, the songpoet, is a Walker chasing after her lover Banjanaree, who was conscripted by the Imperial Navy. Lathampo Digger, the fugitive, is a Treeborn seeking safety and freedom from the Emperor and a devil Wildthing. Their individual journeys take them many lightyears from their homes. They cross paths at the Edge of Existence on the planet Withcity-witchity. Their brief meeting sends each of them, unaware of any purpose greater than personal desire, following a fleeing star. At their unexpected destination they meet again and a new reality is revealed.

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The Breeze, the Walker, and the Treeborn