Johnny Mains, Adam Cesare, Eric LaRocca, Charlie Higson, Nadia Bulkin
2024 |

A terrifying and chilling anthology of over 20 original stories by award-winning writers exploring cursed and haunted books; featuring malevolent second-hand books, cursed novelizations, unsettling journals and the end of the world. Perfect for fans of When Things Get Dark. You find it hidden in the dark corner of the bookstore; tucked away in a box in the attic, desperate to be read; lurking on your bookshelf, never seen before. Crack the spine, feel the ancient pages. Read it aloud, if you dare. This anthology brings together horror’s best and brightest to delve into the pages of cursed books, Eldtritch tomes and haunted bookstores. Featuring stories from: Adam Cesare Eric LaRocca Isy Suttie Charlie Higson A. G. Slatter Priya Sharma Lucie McKnight Hardy Alison Moore Kim Newman And many more!

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Bound in Blood

Stories of Cursed Books, Damned Libraries and Unearthly Authors