Lynn M. Griesemer
2019 |
Health & Fitness

Marilyn A. Moran's seminal work on couples childbirth brought back to print for future generations to enjoy. From Marilyn's introduction in her own words - "This book is an exploration of the interpersonal aspect of childbirth for husband and wife and its effect on their growth and development in two-in-oneness." Author Marilyn A. Moran, the first advocate for husband and wife unassisted homebirth says, "Childbirth is a dialogue, not a monologue. The husband gives his wife a love gift and nine months later, she gives the gift of a baby into his loving hands. She's present and accepting of his gift during coitus; he should participate and accept her gift during birth...At the moment of childbirth, when a woman is making her response to the genital gesture her man had initiated, no one should come between them then, not even briefly." She said, "It is imperative that couples abandon the doctors' quasi-pathological approach to birth...When an obstetrician steps in between the lovers at the moment of birth to catch the baby, the cyclic giving and receiving of significant genital gifts is shattered." Originally published in 1981, the second edition of Birth and the Dialogue of Love remains faithful to its original content. The medical technology has changed since 1981, but the biological process and emotional power of birth has not. The birth stories read like love stories. What couple wouldn't want to give birth in a sensual, romantic, loving environment? This classic and groundbreaking book explores a concept that might seem challenging and foreign to many. However, Moran says about the birthing mother, "Groundless fears and cultural taboos are the only obstacles holding her back from the goal nature intended that she achieve."

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Birth and the Dialogue of Love