Mark E. Hauber
2023 |

"From morning to night and from the Antarctic to the equator, birds have busy days. In this short book, ornithologist Mark E. Hauber shows readers exactly how birds spend their time. Each of the book's twenty-four brief chapters covers a single bird and a single hour. At 1:00 in the night, we meet a nearly-blind kiwi, hunting with smell for earthworm prey. Later that morning, at 11:00, we float alongside a common pochard, a duck that can sleep with one eye open to avoid predators and bumping into other birds. At 8:00 that evening, we spot a hawk able to swallow bats whole in mid-flight, gorging on up to fifteen in rapid succession before retreating into the darkness. For each chapter, award-winning artist Tony Angell has depicted these scenes with his signature linocut-style illustrations-which grow increasingly light and then dark as our bird day passes"--

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Bird Day

A Story of 24 Hours and 24 Avian Lives