Molly Harper

"Caroline Wilton is "dying" to get off Starfall Point, but if she leaves the island, there's a good chance she'll literally die. For centuries, any Wilton who ventured off the island immediately perished in some freak accident. Caroline, like every Wilton before her, has accepted this "curse" and made peace with running the Wilted Rose Tavern, living vicariously through her customer's adventures. When gorgeous physician Ben Hoult-the high school sweetheart who left without so much of a goodbye-returns to the island to take over the medical clinic with two frustratingly likeable teenagers in tow, Caroline feels the calm waters of her life begin to churn. Practical, sensible Ben didn't believe in her family curse then, and Caroline has no interest in trying to convince him now. Besides, Caroline has enough excitement in her life for now. After joining a coven with her friends Riley Everett and Alice Seastairs, Caroline can now see ghosts-especially the angry woman in eighteen-century garb occupying her tavern with a menacing glare. At night, Caroline suffers from dark dreams of being at Vixen's Fall, a cliff-face on the far side of the island. During the day, she can't seem to avoid running into-and quarreling with-Ben, but at the same time, her heart stirs when she's with him. When Caroline, Riley, and Alice finally visit Vixen's Fall, they discover the angry family ghost as one of the island's most sinister legends-information that could be the key to breaking the Wilton curse and finding lasting true love with Ben"--

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