Michael W Ford
2017 |

The Bible of the Adversary ñAdversarial Flameî 10th Anniversary Edition is both a philosophical introduction to Luciferian Magick. Published originally in 2007, The Bible of the Adversary provided a modern unification and clarification of the Left Hand Path initiatory power recognized as ñThe Adversaryî and Luciferianism. The Adversarial Flame edition presents a completely re-edited and expanded edition which begins with the 11 Points of Power and the philosophical foundations; guiding the reader into the depths of darkness and by using Will, Desire and Belief, illuminating the Black Flame or Light within. Features: ́ Philosophy of Luciferianism from the 11 Points of Power to the Laws of Belial. ́ Symbols and Sigils of Lucifer, Satan, Lilith, Samael and Lilith explained. ́ Techniques of strengthening the Mind via Meditation, Discipline and focus of Will. ́ Ceremonies and Rituals of Luciferianism which focus on Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis.

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The Bible of the Adversary 10th Anniversary Edition