Andrea Chatman

When Morgan Sullivan goes looking for her missing uncle, she discovers a secret the world isn't ready for. A shiver of fear, deep and primal, ran through her. It was an eye. A ginormous eye. Yellow, reptilian, with a gleam of intelligence. Resurrected from the depths of time itself. Oceanographer Morgan Sullivan has always loved sea monster legends, and her uncle Daniel always had the best. But when her uncle goes missing under mysterious circumstances, the key to his survival might unleash a secret the world isn't ready for. Every question leads to another, each more cryptic than the last. From the snowy fields of Iowa to the slopes of Haleakala volcano and to the depths of the ocean, as the search goes on Morgan finds that the biggest challenge comes from within herself. How far is she willing to go for the answers she seeks? And what is she willing to sacrifice?

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Beneath the Deep