Angelo Marcos

"a well paced, well-written and exciting novel, with an incredible twist at the end that few could possibly anticipate" - "a real page turner, with twists that will stun you. Thoroughly enjoyed this one! " - "...similar to Shutter Island in that it causes the reader to reconsider a number of events in the book...a tense psychological thriller" - "An ending that I did not predict...You won't want to put it down" - "I really enjoyed this one...kept me guessing right to the last few pages" - ---------- A young actress awakens in an underground cell. Her mouth is taped shut, her limbs strapped to a rickety wooden chair. A booming voice from some unseen speaker ricochets around the dark space, announcing that a timer has been started. Precisely fifteen minutes later, a bullet rips through her head. And so begins the story of The Artist. Footage of the murder is sent to the media, and it soon becomes apparent that a serial killer known as Andy the Artist is operating in London. The Artist forces the young actresses into a perverse trade off - they acquire Andy Warhol's prophesied fifteen minutes of fame, but that time will consist of the last desperate moments of their lives. Meanwhile, teenager Kaylin Bellos discovers that a murderer is targeting actresses all over the city, and immediately fears the worst for her mother, a struggling actress who has begun to subsidise her income through prostitution. As more actresses are slaughtered, Kaylin and The Artist appear to have a number of traits in common. Could The Artist be Kaylin's estranged dad? And if so, what does that mean for the fate of her mum? And who is following Kaylin to school? The truth is more horrific than they could possibly imagine... ---------- (Very) Quick Author Q and A What inspired you to write this story? The Artist: A London Crime Thriller came from a combination of my experiences as a struggling actor/comedian, and my interest in criminal and forensic psychology. The story revolves around the 'fame game' - which every year a billion people play but only one or two ever actually win - and the countless people obsessively chasing the dream of being rich and famous. I love reading psychological thriller novels and behavioural science books, and have always had an interest in the 'why?' of crime, so it was interesting for me to explore how - taken to an extreme - pursuing fame could lead to some pretty dire consequences. Who will enjoy this book? Anybody that likes forensic psychology fiction and thrilling stories. Oh, and anybody who doesn't mind getting into the mind of a serial killer. And, let's be honest, who doesn't...'

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The Artist