Kelly Kennedy Brinkmann

With a combination of engaging storytelling and creative connections, readers will experience a transformed faith. Together, these elements create a powerful learning connection, weaving lessons into our souls to deepen our understanding of God's work in our lives. Art + faith = deeper, meaningful connections to how we understand God and live with freedom Working author and artist, Kelly Brinkmann, invites us into her pottery studio to learn about making art and recognize how slow, steady work mirrors a thoughtful and purposeful faith journey. *Features fun flip-book feature. Written to growing faith followers, this book: - Opens readers' hearts like malleable clay - Teaches practical examples of how to fold faith into daily living - Focuses on using creative connections and experiences Each chapter concludes with questions that invite personal application and approachable, hands-on activities to apply the lessons in the chapter. Sections of the book are linked to stages of making pottery as an illustration of personal spiritual growth: ✓ Centered on Peace: How to find rest in Jesus ✓ Created to Stand: Steps to develop a foundation of faith ✓ Crafted with Confidence: What growth in your spiritual journey looks like ✓ Reclaimed & Renewed: How to deal with disappointment so you can share your faith with others Art for the Soul welcomes, encourages, challenges, and inspires us to paint a bigger picture of God working in our lives to better experience the fullness of a vibrant relationship with Jesus.

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Art for the Soul

Growing Your Faith Through Creativity