George Orwell
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George Orwell was a much-respected English novelist, who wrote some of the finest pieces in literary criticism, It got published in August 1945. His work is animal farm The fiction based on Farm animals, the author has named them too. Such as Major (a majestic-looking pig), 3-dogs (Bluebell, Jessie, and Pincher), many hens, pigeons, ducklings, sheeps and cows. Two horses, Boxer and Clover. Amongst them, Major is their leader. He wanted to speak on the nature of life on this earth and How any animal is now living. Animals complain that despite their hard labour, why then do they continue in the misrable condition They also com-plain about human beings that they use to steal nearly the whole of their produce. Their main enemy is - Man. The book narrates about the agony of ill-treated farm animals. 1984 George Orwell is the pen name of the author, Eric Arthur Blair. He was an English essayist, novelist, journalist and critic. His writings are based on social criticism, anti-Fascism, anarchism. The story behind its title is also very interesting, when Orwell finished this novel in 1948, this title was chosen simply as the inversion of this year. So, at last, in the story, there is a celebration of massive victory of Okeanias over Eurasian armies in Africa. Also, Winston accepted that he loves Big Brother. How this happened What were the circumstances Winston refused to love Julia How this political storm took place For all, the story reveals step by step in an interesting manner. A mind-blowing novel of that time and forever.

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Animal Farm and 1984