Uldis Zarins, Sandis Kondrats

Visual artists are visual thinkers! Our mission is to supercharge them by making anatomy for artists' visible and understandable-anatomy book with clear images that contain the necessary information needed to create a realistic human figure. Get Loads of social visual references; Complex knowledge of human figure explained in a simple matter (Head, Upper limb, Lower limb, Torso, and figure); The most important muscles of the body and their form, in the movement and static, form various angles and body positions; Primary male anatomy and female anatomy differences; Proportions chars of the figure and head (age and gender)Anatomy for artists started as a sculpting book because the author, UIdis Zarins, is a sculptor with more than 25-year experience and a professor of Anatomy in Arts Academy. Nowadays, it used in 3d modeling, digital art, painting, CGI, character design, traditional or digital sculpting, and so on. All around the art world, artists find it's in their daily work. Content is king addition to the 3D models; there are photos of live models from various angles and body postures, overlaid with color-coded muscle diagrams. The coverage of the book is entirely comprehensive, displaying the human body from head to toe. Most pictures in the book are self-explanatory. Guess no moreThe Internet is not as full of information in the current subject as it might seem at first. With time you seem not to find the correct reference materials you were looking for. That makes you improvise. Improvising, without the real understanding of a human figure, brings imperfections and frustrations. Gaining an understanding of the human figure and its motions are the leading book's idea. It allows for a person not to just "copy" nature, but to understand it and improve in their work. Printed books - have references by your side at any time. Add your additional comments and references. Personalizes this book for your needs. They always have a special feeling when owning and using them. It's a part of your tool-kit. Paperback is a softcover type, with a paperboard front and back cover.

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Anatomy for Sculptors, Understanding the Human Figure