Joe Mahoney

"Mahoney fondly recalls his career as a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio technician in this memoir... In dozens of amiable, frequently humorous vignettes...amusing and highly informative." -- Kirkus Reviews "What a wonderful book! If you love CBC Radio, you'll love Adventures in the Radio Trade. Joe Mahoney's honest, wise, and funny stories from his three decades in broadcasting make for absolutely delightful reading! -- Robert J. Sawyer, author of The Oppenheimer Alternative'' "No other book makes me love the CBC more." -- Gary Dunford, Page Six Adventures in the Radio Trade documents a life in radio, largely at Canada's public broadcaster. It's for people who love CBC Radio, those interested in the history of Canadian Broadcasting, and for those who want to hear about close encounters with numerous luminaries such as Margaret Atwood, J. Michael Straczynski, Stuart McLean, Joni Mitchell, Peter Gzowski and more. And it's for people who want to know how to make radio. Crafted with gentle humour and thoughtfulness, this is more than just a glimpse into the internal workings of CBC Radio. It's also a prose ode to the people and shows that make CBC Radio great.

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Adventures in the Radio Trade