Tony Flood

TONY FLOOD spent most of his working life as a journalist, initially on local and regional papers and then on nationals. He was also Controller of Information at Sky Television and enjoyed a spell with The People before retiring in 2010. He recalls: “My work as a showbiz and leisure writer, critic and editor saw me take on a variety of challenges - learning to dance with Strictly Come Dancing star Erin Boag, becoming a stand-up comedian and playing football with the late George Best and Bobby Moore in charity matches. “Now I spend much of my time writing books and theatre reviews as well as playing veterans football. I must be one of the oldest - and slowest - players in the country!” He and wife and fellow author Heather Flood call on their own experiences of life in conjuring up humour, pathos, love, nostalgia and a load of surprises in their jointly written book LAUGHS AND TEARS GALORE! - Stories and poems with twists. Oh, and there's lots of trickery as well! Tony's first work of fiction was fantasy adventure SECRET POTION, which went to No. 1 in its category on Amazon and has been recommended by other authors for Harry Potter fans of all ages. His celebrity book MY LIFE WITH THE STARS - SIZZLING SECRETS SPILLED! is full of anecdotes and revelations about showbiz and sports personalities, including Eric Morecambe, Elvis Presley, Kylie Minogue, George Best, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Joan Collins, Strictly Come Dancing stars, Muhammad Ali and Bobby Moore, with whom Tony worked. The versatile Mr Flood then turned to writing in another genre with spicy crime thriller TRIPLE TEASE, endorsed by best-selling author Peter James, actor Brian Capron and The Sun newspaper's Stuart Pink. Following the success of TRIPLE TEASE, he wrote STITCH UP! - KILLER OR VICTIM? Once more compassionate copper DCI Harvey Livermore and his Major Crime Team are trying to put a killer behind bars in a new, gripping, fast-moving story. They are convinced that Denton Kerscher is responsible for two murders even though he was acquitted of the first but discover a string of other suspects. Again, The Sun newspaper's Stuart Pink recommended Tony's thriller, saying "Stitch Up has a riveting plot and an electrifying double twist." DCI Livermore, who has been praised by Peter James, is confronted with the dilemma of whether to reopen a case in the third book in the series, FALL GUY - WHO REALLY KILLED HIS WIFE? This comes after George Thornhill is convicted of killing his wife Isabella. It seemed an open and shut case until George's sister Myra finds a neighbour – admittedly a drug addict - who saw someone leave the crime scene by the back door. All three crime thrillers are stand alone stories. Tony often exchanges ideas with wife Heather, whose own fantasy adventure PURPLE MIST – AN OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD ADVENTURE, MOUSEY MOUSEY series and GIANT STICKER MONSTER AND OTHER CHILDREN'S STORIES have also received glowing endorsements and reviews. More recently Tony has co-written DRIVEN BY DESIRE as one of seven authors in The Collective, each contributing a unique character. It's a family saga full of conflict, passion and a kidnapping. More details about Tony Flood - and special book offers - are available on the websites Tony gives talks on the showbiz and sports stars in his celebrity book, as well as holding mini workshops and providing advice on how would-be authors can write a successful book. Any groups wishing to contact Tony can email him at [email protected] Tony and Heather are officials of Anderida Writers of Eastbourne. The link for the Anderida website is: