Martin Treanor

Martin is an author and illustrator with DRPZ imprints: Fire Hornet Codex and Tiny Hands Press.

His works include: The Logos Prophecy (Book 1 of Fall of Ancients), Fire Hornet Codex 2023 – political satire, fairy-story-esque series: The Tales of Trumplethinskin, Tiny Hands Press 2020 – Hellmaw: Dark Creed, TEGG (The Ed Greenwood Group) 2018 – and #1 Amazon Bestsellers in Metaphysical Fiction: The Silver Mist, BK Publishing 2011.

His next book: Curiosity and the Cat, Fire Hornet Codex – releases in October 2024.

Guest contributor to The Huffington Post, Martin has also published with Canadian & US genre magazines Spinetingler and Zahir, The Spinetingler Anthology, Carillon in UK, Tivoli Members Magazine in Denmark, newspapers and magazines in Greenland, The Dubliner Magazine (Scandinavia and South Africa).

He was also a contributor to New York Times bestselling author, Jonathan Maberry's non-fiction book 'THEY BITE', Citadel 2009.