Eugene T. Sullivan, Marilynn C. Sullivan
1977 |

This unique and beautiful book was planned for those who love cake decorating and the opportunities it offers for creative self-expression. It explores decorating's long and honored past, then shows how this craft, mastered and perfected, can become as art form. The Wilton Way Volume 2, starts with an exploration of imaginative American techniques that open new horizons to decorators. The special love American decorators have for flowers is the subject of two chapters. The first is devoted to the fifty flowers of the fifty states-many never before achieved in icing. The second is given to the rose-best loved flower of every decorator in the world. 23 varieties and how to pipe them are shown. Wild roses, tea roses, "old" roses, even reproductions of roses that grew in Marie Antoinette's garden. Each is displayed on a beautiful cake.

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The Wilton Way of Cake Decorating