Miranda Lyn

A HEART DRIVEN BY VENGEANCE; A SOUL DEVOURED BY REGRET After finally ending the Dark King's perceived reign of terror, a heartbroken Raven must face the grief and guilt of becoming a murderer. Her best friend Kirsi might've helped her cope, except she has her own existential crisis learning to be a wraith. They find themselves stranded in the human lands with the Dark King's cousin, Grey, and a new band of misfits desperately searching for a way back home. BUT HOME IS HARBORING NOTHING BUT RUINATION In the wake of the Dark King's demise, the coven leaders have the perfect opportunity to retrieve the Grimoires in their hunt for supremacy and power. But casting near two at once could unleash catastrophic horrors, and Raven's life has already been shattered enough. Determined to preserve what's left of their broken worlds, Raven and Kirsi race against time as they battle the remaining coven leaders to stop the Harrowing. And a shocking revelation from the other side might crash Raven's world once and for all. From the author of the heart-pounding fantasy series, Fae Rising and the explosive opening, The Unmarked Witch comes the twisted conclusion to the Unmarked Duology, The Unbound Witch.

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The Unbound Witch