Jean-Louis Roy
2022 |

A novel which challenges us to imagine the world-order in 2040. What if China dramatically reinvents global relations.Imagine the near future when the East assumes the reins of power in world politics, as well as global leadership in economic matters! On May 1, 2040 the headquarters of the United Nations moves from New York to Shanghai.The novel centers around Wei Shu, the woman President of the People`s Republic of China. She has piloted this project and choreographed every detail of this momentous event. In her diary, Wei Shu writes: `This day belongs to me as now I belong to China and China belongs to the world.``Who is this woman who has successfully ascended to absolute leadership both in China and the world...Jean-Louis Roy`s novel unravels Wei Shu`s origins, the legacy of her mother and grandmother, her career as a student and her ascent to power in China. He explores the relentless development of China over the past fifty years, its emergence as a global power in parallel with the dazzling trajectory of the rise to preeminence of this exceptional woman, Wei Shu.Jean &– Louis Roy for decades has written extensively about the shift of power from the west towards Africa and Asia. His most recent publications include The Future of French: Cultural Competition in the 21st Century (2010), The Age of Diversity: The New Cultural Map ( 2016), Mansa Musai: Kankan Moussa: From Niani to Mecca &– An Historical Narrative (2019), Digital, Economic, Cultural Transformations (2021) all published by Mosaic Press. For over fifteen years, Jean-Louis Roy has visited China personally, observed and studied its developments. This novel, his first, combines numerous themes and his acute combination as a trained journalist, professor and literary figure all combine to make Shanghai 2040 a highly valuable literary work and perhaps, also a prophetic work.Jean-Louis Roy`s career includes Editor in Chief of Le Devoir, Quebec`s Delegate General in P

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Shanghai 2040