Chiah Wilder

Paco-rugged VP of the Night Rebels MC-stops at the diner to get out of the rain. He's headed back to Alina and doesn't intend on staying until he sees her sitting alone in a booth. She has on too much makeup and too little clothing for the wintry night. Then she looks at him: her eyes are dark like an endless stretch of midnight sky. In their depths, he sees pain and threads of fierceness. They draw him in. He, the man who never looks past one night with a woman, wants to know about this small woman sitting across from him. He knows he should pay his bill, hop on his Harley, and head home, but he can't. Misty Sullivan hates the cold nights when she has to haul her butt from truck to truck to make enough to satisfy her boyfriend. She used to have another name, but that was a long time ago when she was normal and life was good. She tries not to remember what was-it just makes her new life worse. The stranger staring at her doesn't look like a trucker. He's decked out in leather and denim and looks at her like she's a person, not an object. But... men can't be trusted. They only want to use and abuse women. Yet, she senses the sexy stranger is different. Events keep throwing them together, and Misty's past crashes with her present. Can she trust the biker who's playing havoc with her heart to save her from destruction? This is Book 5 in the Night Rebels MC and is a standalone. 18+

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Night Rebels Motorcycle Club