Barbara Freethy
2023 |

In this heart-stopping psychological thriller, Emily Hollister's seemingly perfect life unravels when she becomes the target of someone intent on taking over her life. "I know what you did." The anonymous note starts an ominous game of cat and mouse. Soon, Emily finds herself trapped in a web of gaslighting and manipulation. Someone is lurking in the shadows, observing her every move, and insidiously replacing her in her own existence. With no one she can trust, Emily turns to a stranger for help, an ex-soldier with his own baggage to carry, but is he who he appears to be? As the danger escalates, Emily fights to put an end to the terrifying charade. With all the skeletons in her past, unmasking her tormentor is no easy task, but if she fails, she may find herself erased from her own life. Dive into this electrifying tale of deception and revenge from #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy (author of ALL THE PRETTY PEOPLE and LAST ONE TO KNOW. For Fans of Lisa Jewell, Ruth Ware, Nora Roberts, and Gillian Flynn. What the readers are saying… "Barbara Freethy’s suspense novels are explosively good!" — New York Times Bestselling Author Toni Anderson "WOW! Another wonderful page turner, suspense filled mystery with more twists and turns than a roller coaster." Cheryl – Goodreads on ALL THE PRETTY PEOPLE "All the Pretty People is a five stars emotional thriller. Barbara Freethy knows how to snag reader’s attention immediately and never let it disengage until the last period. So many secrets and lies will be revealed in a tight plot that will keep one guessing." Jane – Goodreads on ALL THE PRETTY PEOPLE "Barbara Freethy is a master of mystery and suspense, and this book is further proof of that! What a page turner! There are twists and turns from page one, more questions than answers, and several mysteries intertwined. I loved it!" Kristen – Goodreads on LAST ONE TO KNOW "A new favorite book by one of my favorite authors! I am so glad Barbara Freethy has started writing mystery thrillers. Absolutely a cannot put down story of twin sisters discover a family secret that leads to not discovering who they are, both as sisters and separately. I couldn’t put it down! A page turner with an ending that completely surprised me!" Karen – Goodreads on LAST ONE TO KNOW "Ok so, just fair warning, no matter where you think this is going, you're going to be wrong. And if you're like me, you're going to be wrong multiple times! This was such a thrilling book. I was hooked from the very beginning." Brandy – Goodreads on LAST ONE TO KNOW "Breathtaking. A topsy-turvy, spellbinding, and unpredictable, thrill ride. Freethy gets under the skin with an intriguing glimpse into danger. Brynn's journey is an enigma that opens Pandora's Box and drops you down the rabbit hole." - Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer on LAST ONE TO KNOW

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