T. M. Holladay

Become a master of captivating fantasy. This third installment of Series Bibles for Writers contains everything you need to flesh out your world's magic system and fantastical elements. For novelists, game developers, graphic novelists, and film writers, this workbook will ensure that every aspect of fantasy in your project is accounted for. Contents include in-depth, customizable prompts for: How your magic system works; its limits, its sources, how it can change, and what that means for the world and culture you've created. 20 profiles for races, types, or species of inhabitants 20 magical animal/creature profiles and sketch pages 20 magical item profiles and sketch pages 20 magically significant place profiles and sketch pages 20 magical food, elixir, or potion profiles and sketch pages and more! Think of this as a guided notebook--part of your own "series bible"-- that won't let you forget any detail. Even better, you can quickly search through all of these details as you're writing! This workbook is comprehensive enough to handle whatever spellbinding creativity you throw at it. Take a dive into your new and improved magical series bible, one that will guide you into creating your own gripping, otherworldly fantasy. Please note: this is not a textbook. This is a guided space for you to create outstanding characters. No more sticky notes on the wall and thoughts scribbled out on lost envelopes. Free up your mind to write amazing fiction, and let these workbooks keep track of all the details that make your characters and worlds compelling. About the creator: T.M. Holladay writes YA fantasy. She's also a perfectionist. When her story worlds became too complicated for the sticky notes on her wall, she knew something had to be done, and she wasn't the only writer out there with that problem. The "Series Bibles for Writers" workbooks are the product of a massive effort to cover every possible detail in a flexible, adaptable form. Her labor of love has quickly become a new favorite among creators. For more Series Bibles for Writers, look for "The Only World Building Workbook You'll Ever Need," and "The Only Character Workbook You'll Ever Need."

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The Only Fantasy Workbook You'll Ever Need

Your New Magic System Bible